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Thermal Infrared Roof Inspections in Houston

Advanced Commercial Roofing Technology

Are you interested in a thermal infrared roof inspection? We can help. At Mammoth Roofing Services, our team of licensed and insured roofers has the experience and training you need for a quality inspection. As a family owned and operated company, our goal has always been customer satisfaction, and this is why we strive to offer superior service at reasonable prices.

If you’re experiencing a roofing emergency, or simply want an estimate for a new roof, repair, or inspection, we are the team for you. We make ourselves available at a time that’s convenient for you and aim to help diagnose leaks that traditional inspections just wouldn’t catch. We can also offer our expert opinion on the best solutions for repairing your roof to make it leak-free and energy efficient.

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Understanding Thermal Infrared Inspections

Are you wondering whether a thermal infrared inspection is what you need to diagnose the issues you’re experiencing with your commercial space's roof? Do you need help understanding exactly how this type of inspection can help?

Simply put, a thermal infrared inspection is used by roofing contractors as a way to detect moisture issues within the roof. If you’ve had problems with water leaks, this type of procedure may prove helpful. The scanned imaging provides information that can help a qualified roofer detect even the smallest leaks. We can then determine the best solutions to repair and prevent leaks, deterioration, and mold growth.

Benefits of Thermal Infrared Roofing Inspections

Thermal infrared roofing inspections can provide the following benefits:

  • Identify problems with roof before purchasing a commercial property
  • Determine roof repair and replacement strategies
  • Assess roof condition for maintenance programs/systems

If you need help addressing any of the issues above, Mammoth Roofing Services has commercial roofers available for thermal infrared inspections. Our superior service and commitment to our customers can guide you through this process and toward a safer, drier, more energy efficient roof.

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