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Emergency Services
Roof React Asset Management Plan
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Emergency Purchasing - TIPS USA ​

Mammoth Roofing Services is a licensed bonded TIPS Job Order Contracting (JOC) contract awarded contractor. Our co-op contract provides a proven process to eliminate emergency purchasing-related stress for governmental entities.


These purchasing contracts enable Mammoth Roofing Services, along with local partners, to deliver the most comprehensive roofing and JOC solutions in order to expedite your emergency project needs while reducing the costs of procurement.

For governmental agencies such as public education organizations, higher education entities, and city or county governments, membership in a purchasing cooperative offers the following benefits:

  • Access to competitively procured contracts with quality vendors

  • Savings of time and financial resources necessary to fulfill bid requirements

  • Assistance with purchasing process by qualified TIPS staff

  • Access to pricing based on a national high-profile contract


Learn more about TIPS and how it can benefit your purchasing efforts.

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