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Every roof has a life term, and at some point, repairs will not fix the problems. When that time comes, Mammoth Roofing Services will design a solution that fits your objectives and budget needs with a comprehensive data-driven roof evaluation report. We provide:

  • A solid assessment of your roof by highly trained commercial roofing mechanics

  • An existing condition report with detailed photographs and core samples 

  • An extensive selection of roofing products and manufacturers

  • A scope of work that includes removal or replacement of the existing roofing system to 

  • meet your budget

  • 20-yr 30-yr NDL lifetime guarantees


​When a property owner encounters issues with a roof, it may not be immediately clear if the issues will require minimal repair work or a full replacement. So how to differentiate between the two? Repairs often entail a smaller up-front investment; a full re-roof may provide a more sensible long-term solution that adds a larger capital expense.


There is a wide range of roofing systems and materials to choose from in the market. The right solution for your building depends on your overall goals and budget objectives. Because Mammoth Roofing Services is certified on every major system, we can select the right roof system to meet your needs.

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