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If you are experiencing leaks, water damage or minor deterioration to your roof, Mammoth Roofing Services will send an inspection team to thoroughly analyze the water intrusion issues on your facility.

Mammoth Roofing Infrared Tool
Commercial Roof Inspection — Roof Investingation Process
If you're unsure about the condition of your building's roof, we offer a thorough inspection service to identify any potential damage and ensure there are no hidden leaks.


Our expert team will utilize advanced Infrared thermography technology to survey the roof and pinpoint any concealed moisture anomalies. Detecting water intrusion and roof damage can be challenging without the right expertise and inspection methods.


Our commercial roof inspection includes:

  • Detailed photographs to document the roof's condition.

  • A comprehensive written assessment that provides a detailed overview of any issues.

  • Solutions for repair or replacement based on our evaluation.

  • Certified roof repair estimates that can be used for insurance claims.

  • Onsite estimates for emergency situations.


Based on our findings, we will provide expert advice on whether any services or repairs are necessary. We will also offer clear recommendations to address your specific roofing issues.


Our dedicated Mammoth Roofing Services team leader will collaborate with you to develop a customized budget plan that aligns with your business needs, ensuring your roof serves its function of providing weather-tight protection.

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