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"My roof started leaking after a heavy rain. The last thing I needed. I called Mammoth Services to see if they can fix the problem. Not only they did a great job, came almost right away, but also their price was very reasonable. I can definitely recommend them to anybody who needs roofing services."

Marta Czarkwiani

"An honest and professional woman-owned business!"

Jennie Orellana

"Without question Mammoth Roofing is top notch whether it is roof repairs, quality of materials, or customer service. From start to finish, Nelson and Mirna were invaluable to making sure everything on the project was moving smoothly. Any concern we had, or issue that popped up on site, it seemed like they were fixing before we even realised it. Whether you are needing a quick fix for your roof, or a complete overhaul, you can’t go wrong trusting Mammoth Roofing and their amazing team!"

Ryan Yuen

"We had a small leak in a roof. Mammoth Roofing came out and did an incredible job. They’re truly a great roofing company that really cares about their customers. Great prices and amazing work! Highly recommend this company for your roofing needs."

Randi Blair

"Had my insurance after me for a fix on 2 lost tiles on my house roof. Called Mammoth and they came out the next day to review the roof. After reviewing the roof and locating the lost tiles the Mammoth employee proceeded to fix the damaged tiles - without being asked. The young man was knowledgeable and very professional. In addition he answered a lot of question for me, i.e., what kind of roof does my house have?, how long is a roof like this supposed to last, realistically - how long do this kinds of roofs last before having to be re-placed, I own the solar panels- what charges can I expect from the solar panel folks for removing the panels?, what costs can I expect if I decide to take the solar panels with me?, etc. All questions were answered professionally and "politely". If I ever need a new roof or roof work, I will definitively use Mammoth and I would recommend them to anyone needing roof work. Also, the cost for the patching the roof was very reasonable."

Manuel Garcia

"Owner is amazing! Always striving to do the best possible."

Jennylee Carro

"This is a great roofing company! The staff are very helpful and responsive. They care about their customers. Great prices and amazing work! Highly recommend!"

Gloria C

"Great reliable roofing company , with great prices , they do amazing work . I highly recommend !"

Ceidy Sanchez

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